The Historic Monterey Trail District, recently rebranded from the North Franklin District, is a project of the Franklin Boulevard Business Association.

Straddling both the City and County of Sacramento, it is a bustling, vibrant commercial district that is primarily focused along Franklin Boulevard from Broadway to Turnbridge, as well as portions of Fruitridge Road, 47th Avenue and 24th Street. Dominated by small, independent and family owned and operated businesses, the district boasts a variety of retail, mixed use, light industrial and manufacturing zones surrounded by several residential neighborhoods.

The District was rebranded after considerable research demonstrated that Franklin Boulevard was the original and historic Monterey Trail between Sutter’s Fort and Monterey, California during Alta California de Mexico era of 1821-1847. For more information, read the District’s resolution outlining the research and Trail’s history. It was passed by the Franklin Boulevard Business Association’s Board of Directors in January 2016.

Business District

Contact                                                                                                    Nathan Ulsh                                                                                                      + 1 (916) 455-2124 |  nathan@montereytraildistrict.com

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Association Boundaries                                                                          North | Broadway                                                                                      South | Turnbridge Drive                                                                              East | Highway 99                                                                                            West | 24th Street