Built in 1910 as "Sacramento's Ideal Subdivision" the grand opening flyer boasts a 17-minute commute to 8th and J Streets, pure water from artesian wells in Oak Park and large acre sized lots. There was even a contest to name the neighborhood with the winner receiving a free lot! The original neighborhood was set to have nine parks and free life insurance. 

Neighborhood Association

Contact                                                                                       Rosette Nguyen/Rose Cabral                                                    +1 (916) 548-5697 | colonialheightsneighborhood@gmail.com       Meets | 4th Thursday Monthly at 6:30 p.m. 

Association Boundaries                                                                North | 14th Ave                                                                      South | 22nd Ave                                                                      East | 58th Street                                                                          West | Stockton Boulevard

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