Here’s what I spend a good deal of time on as your City Councilmember - I am passionate about these issues and making a difference in the City on behalf of residents in District 5.



Over the past 8 years, we have worked on enhancing the policies and programs that support our young people and will help create a dynamic and locally-grown workforce in Sacramento. This is the key to our long-term economic success. Our office is excited that, in 2017, the City adopted a Citywide Youth Development Campaign Plan for all programs the City offers or funds; reorganized our Parks Department into a Department of Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment; and are devoting significant resources to youth programming in the City.

We continue our commitment to youth through District Youth Advisory Councils, support of programs and facilities that provide safe spaces for young people, and incorporating youth voices in our city decisions.

This year, in 2019, I am still advocating for putting our money on our youth. Every decision that involves young people needs to have those youth at the table - whether it be Measure U investments, our City Youth Commission, or on our regional boards and commissions such as the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. I’ve led the charge to ensure that barriers to our City’s young people are as successful as they desire.


Sacramento has a homeless crisis.  If you walk our streets, drive by a freeway underpass, or ride the American River Bike Trail, you have seen a problem that has become increasingly worse over the past few years.  It is a problem that I believe is a great risk to the city, not only to our financial/economic future, but to our very core values as a community. 

We must address homelessness from a standpoint of 1) ensuring safety needs of people experiencing homelessness; 2) quickly connecting people to health and support services necessary for stability; and 3) helping people transition into permanent housing and achieving long-term success.

In addition, we need to be looking at the root causes of homelessness, and developing solutions (like triage shelters and permanent supporting housing) to support those who have been on the streets for far too long.

This year, I proposed two possible options for temporary triage shelters (on Broadway/X Street and Florin Road), which would provide re-housing and supportive services for up to 100 persons at a time. My colleagues in the City have also proposed options - which include a variety of options for housing - including permanent supportive housing and temporary shelter in the next year. For more information on the City’s efforts please see

Healthy Communities: Economic Development & Housing

The City has done an excellent job of catalyzing economic development in the Downtown Core. It is now important to turn our neighborhoods, economic corridors, and small businesses.  In District 5, examples of corridor revitalization include Stockton Blvd., Franklin Blvd., Broadway, Freeport Boulevards, and the shopping centers on South Land Park and 35th Ave and South Land Park and Florin. 

In addition, we are working to ensure that we have a trained workforce, diverse industries to support many different skills, a reliable and well-maintained transportation network, and affordable housing so that all residents have a good quality of life.