Addressing People Experiencing Homelessness in Sacramento


What’s the City Doing Around Homelessness

The City of Sacramento is committed to solving homelessness for individuals and families, and to making the community stronger and safer for all.

Solving homelessness does not mean people will never again experience homelessness in Sacramento. It means the City and its partners have a coordinated, responsive plan in place to ensure the safetystability and success of our most vulnerable residents.


What Can I Do?

Resources to support those who are experiencing homelessness, including how to directly donate to organizations working on behalf of the City and how to report homeless encampments.


Proposed Triage Shelters in District 5

The City Council, led by the Mayor, has adopted a strategy of locating at least 100 shelter beds in each City Council district.  The challenge, as you can certainly imagine, is finding sites to locate these shelters.  We all want the challenge of homelessness to be met; however, few are happy about the possibility of a shelter in their neighborhood.  

I have spent a significant amount of time searching for the appropriate site in my Council District, and after much consideration, have identified two potential sites in District 5.